DJ SammyStringSammyString has been DJing for over twenty years at parties, festivals and club nights all over the country. He has a profound love of house music having grown up with the sound of the infamous DIY and SmokeScreen soundsystems in the early 90s.

He loves nothing more than good long sets where he is able to take people on a real musical journey, an hour just isn't long enough. He also specialises in Traditional Swing Jazz, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong etc. which he incorporates with his Vintage Sound and Decor Event Business.

Equally happy playing some chilled Reggae sounds on a Sunday afternoon or some Dirty Dancehall on A Saturday night in Easton SammyString is a truly versatile DJ with a rich and varied musical taste and a keen eye for the dancefloor.

He is currently a resident at the Free Rotation Festival.