Hula Hoop Acts

Circus Themed Hoop Show

Ms Merlin Circus Themed Hoop ShowFor her Circus Hula act, Ms Merlin takes it back to the ring and the beauty and glamour of the big top. In vintage costume of silver corset and frilly pants she performs a traditional hula-hoop show. With a thigh-slapping soundtrack she twirls, swirls, dances and thrills with complex tricks. From one to five hula-hoops this act defies gravity and spins everyone’s head and heart out. This gorgeous high-energy routine can crescendo with a spectacular trapeze flight, with Ms Merlin hula-ing all the way up and the crowd whoop-ing her along.

Whoops - The Women's Hoop Squad

Whoops - The Women's Hoop SquadWhoops, the Women’s Hoop Squad almost qualified for the London 2012 Olympic Games but by a whisker on their chins didn’t quite make it. Despite the set back, they are still going for gold and training hard for the 2016 Brazil games.

Join Tina Twisting Turner and Sheryl Roll on their hoop-tastic journey as they show you just what it takes to get to the Olympics, from one giant hoop through to the rib-crushing 50-hoop stack.

The show can finish with the Olympian opportunity for everyone in the audience to have and go and see for themselves how fun it is to hula-hoop.

This interactive comedy street show is jam-packed with highly skilled hula-hoop tricks, iconic Olympic music and a whole lot of heart.

This show runs for 20 minutes, the workshop runs for 30 minutes.

Sailorgirl Hoop Show

Sailorgirl Hoop ShowEveryone loves a sailor and Merlin’s cheeky sailor girl hula-show is a breezy, up-beat number that warms the cockles of your heart. In 1940s vintage pin-up style, it is a high energy routine with an old school theme and a modern twist. The charming routine finales with a sexy 5-hoop split and a crowd-wowing 50-hoop spin.

The Wonder Woman Hula Show

The Wonder Woman Hula ShowThis show can be performed as a one woman stage-show or as an interactive street show with audience participation.

Suitable for Corporate Events, Party Entertainment, Private Events, Festivals, Circus, Weddings, Bespoke Productions and Film/TV.

Stage Show

Ms Merlin enters the stage in a suit as Diana, Woman of Mystery and then proceeds to spin and transform into Wonder Woman. With the help of her stage-hand, who throws various props to her, she strips off her dull office clothes, lets down her hair, straps on her boots and emerges as the classic, gorgeous DC comic super-heroine complete with infamous tiara. Throughout the transformation there is crazy hula hoop trick after crazy hula hoop trick with a fabulous finale of fifty hula-hoops that stuns the wow-ed out crowd.

Street Show

Ms Merlin plays out the story of saving the world from the inimitable Dr Evil. With the help of her love-interest and side-kick ‘Steve’, she defies all odds and manages to escape the evil laser rings that Dr Evil throws her way. Working towards the grand finale where ‘Steve’ saves her from the 50 hoops of doom. A dazzling street show which crowds love, especially the two volunteers which Ms Merlin chooses from the audience.

Wonder Woman – a blur of red, gold and blue – is ready to save the world from evil one show at a time.