Stilt Walkers

Stunning and colourful Stilt Walking acts for every kind of event and theme.

Perfect for Meet & Greet, Promotions, Street Activities, Shopping Centres, Award Ceremonies, Christmas Celebrations.

If you don’t see the theme of your choice please enquire with us as we have other characters to suit your theme, pictures can be supplied upon request. We can also tailor costumes to fit any theme that may be required.

Christmas and Winter

These elegantly dressed regal characters are perfect to meet and greet all guests and will make it snow at your event.
Snow Queen and King
These glamorous ladies are sure to add sparkle to your Christmas event, beautifully adorned in red and silver with red feathers and silver mirrors.
Christmas Showgirls
Friendly festive characters that bring good blessings from the skys above. 'Have you been good this year?' Their costumes light up at night.
White Angels

Enchanted and Fairytale

Classic fairytale stilt walkabout act, Alice and the White rabbit. Will they get to the Mad Hatters tea party on time?
Alice in Wonderland
All 5 classic Wizard of Oz characters - Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, The Lion and the Wicked Witch.
Wizard of Oz
The not so little Bo Peep! An interactive and fun character who has lost her sheep, children just love to help her find them.
Bo Peep

Food and Culture

These ladies will wet your appetite for afternoon tea.
A strawberry cream cake and a sour cherry tart.
This is the weirdest tea party you ever will see,
but also the silliest cherry on the tree.
The icing is fun, on top of the bun.
The Cake Ladies
Graceful and elegant tall geisha girls,
See these nine foot ladies dancing with ease,
you`ll be asking for many more cups of tea please,
please, please!

Masquerade and Carnival

These glamorous ladies are sure to add a little sparkle to your event, in both Christmas (red & silver) and non-Christmas (silver & white) or (pink & silver).

Nature and Environment

Cheeky fun furry creatures to amuse and entertain.
Graceful, green leafed woodland nymph creatures.
Wood Nymph

Space and Futuristic

Funky intergalactic Super Heroes. These colourful and fun characters are here to show people how to save power and save the earth!
Super Heroes
Space Rangers

Vintage and Historical

Victorian Lady and Gentleman
Elegant and Posh Ladies perfect for any historical or operatic event.
Posh Ladies

Nations and Sport

Both of these characters are perfect for parading at any British National or Sporting event.

A delightful Edwardian British regal lady.
Lady Windsor
Striking iconic British character.
Lady Britannia

Nautical and Maritime