With over 20 years experience in working with people of all ages we can provide exciting workshops for all types of events including Childrens Birthday Parties, Community Events, Youth Groups and Corporate Events.

Circus Antics workshops can give learners an opportunity to develop many personal and physical skills including: Coordination, Concentration, Confidence, Self-esteem, Spatial Awareness, Self Discipline, Team work, Creates more diverse curriculum, Encourages creativity, participation and individual development.

Circus Skills Workshops

Children's Party Circus WorkshopIdeal for Circus Themed Children’s Parties

Participants are guaranteed to have fun whilst learning Circus Skills. In the workshops each individual will gain mind/body co-ordination, focus, a sense of achievement and partner and group co-operation. Circus Skills Workshops include a mixture of the following skills: Juggling,

Balls, Clubs, Rings, Scarves, Club & poi swinging, Diablo, Devil stick, Balancing Pole & Feathers, Staff Spinning, Plate spinning, Hat manipulation, Tight wire, Stilt walking, Unicycle.

Aerial Workshops

Aerial Workshop RigTrained aerialists in static trapeze, rope or hoop can be booked to lead workshops for children and adults of all ages.

These aerial classes can help improve fitness, balance and co-ordination in a challenging but fun environment.

Free-Standing Aerial Rig

Available for hire and use for workshops in indoor/outdoor performances - 4m x 7 m frame. This rig can come with a ladder beam to climb up for rigging.

Physical Theatre and Mask Workshops

Physical Theatre WorkshopParticipants will experience physical theatre and/or movement skills through a series of fun games and exercises.

This workshop introduces a different approach to learning theatre and drama techniques, and hopes to inspire or just to help develop a little confidence and learn performance skills.

Dance Workshops

High Energy dance workshop in a variety of styles – Street, Swing, Contemporary or African suitable for schools, youth groups, festivals or dance groups

Children's Birthday Parties - Exciting!

Children's Party Circus WorkshopWant an entertainer for you Childs Birthday Party? We have the perfect circus themed party workshop which includes fun activities on Circus Equipment, Games, Circus Music and a Circus Costume dressing up box.

The children will be thoroughly entertained during whole party and they even get to perform in their very own Circus Show at the end!

Schools - Educational

Circus skills workshops is a fun activity and an education tool which can be included in the curriculum to help develop all subjects at any key stage level, to benefit pupils and teachers alike.

Workshops are either a fun day or a themed project week of activities and can be tailored to individual schools requirements and pupil’s abilities, with a finale performance of the children’s newly acquired skills to friends and family. Workshops include use of all circus equipment. An education resource pack is available throughout the project as an additional learning tool to include, books, dvds, games and activity material.

Youth Groups - Challenging

Circus Antics caters for all youth groups from an evening session to a longer project which can end with a finale performance. Circus Antics can collaborate with Community Arts organisations on specific projects with children and young adults leading up to performing in a Carnival or a Parade. Circus Antics can also work with Brownies, Guides and Scouts to achieve their ‘Circus Badge’.

Corporate - Team Building Workshops

Circus Skills offers a wide range of benefits to any Company and will develop new ways of learning, help build stronger respect and mutual support and improve communication skills. These challenging but fun workshops will build confidence and self esteem within the employees of your Company. In a positive, fun and relaxed environment individuals can improve their interpersonal skills through team building games and exercises. Workshops which can be tailored to your specific needs are delivered by Alice who is a fully qualified instructor.

SEN - Fun Learning

SEN Circus Skills WorkshopThrough fun and creativity, Circus Antics workshops can help: Build confidence, Self esteem, Raise skills and awareness, Develop physical and special awareness, Encourage communication skills, Enhance concentration, Inter-personal skills.

Circus Antics instructors are experienced with SEN and disabilities and are committed to ensuring that every participant has the opportunity to achieve their full potential by raising their skills and awareness.